Sunday, 5 May 2013

Year Six Light and Colour

All of the Year Six classes came for three sessions covering light and colour.

All of the sessions were very hands on, the boys got to explore the way light travels, looking at light from the sun, from a torch and from a laser.  Using mirrors, boys had to direct a laser light through three mirrors and then get it to hit their target - quite a challenge and much harder than we thought it would be!

The classes also had an opportunity to explore reflection and refraction.  Through having an opportunity just to play and explore with mirrors, torches, lenses and prisms, it was surprising to see how much learning the boys were able to do on their own.

They particularly found playing with the convex and concave lenses interesting, especially when they found out about what happens when you concentrate the bright sunlight through a convex lens.  And they were all warned not to try it at home...

The last session was spent learning about the colour spectrum, rainbows and how we see colour.  The boys each made a simple spinner that when they spun it, they were able to see the colours of the spectrum.  It was interesting to hear their ideas about what they thought was happening and why we could see colour when it was spinning.

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