Saturday, 25 May 2013

Wellington Open Day Sunday 26th May

This weekend, various sites around Wellington are holding Open Days.  Anyone can visit and just pay $2 per person.  It's a fantastic opportunity to visit somewhere you wouldn't normally go to.

The Weta Cave, Miramar

Thinking about science opportunities I'm off to visit Zealandia, The Karori Wildlife Sanctuary.  We'll be packing morning tea and heading off early as last year the place was very popular and very crowded!  Usually for a family its quite an expensive day out but tomorrow will be a great opportuntiy to revisit the place.  I think the last time I was there was with a class from school about seven years ago!  I still remember seeing real baby tuatara basking in the sun on a grassy bank!

Among some of the places you can visit are:

* Museum of City and Sea  - Recently ranked as one of the 50 Best Museums of the World by The Times Of London!
The Wahine Disaster

And I haven't forgotten I still need to write my last post about our science week show!  Coming soon!

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