Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Mrs Hawthorne's Science Week Show

I decided to have a go at gathering together a few fun science experiments and having a science session purely for fun (with a bit of learning thrown in of course!).  My aim?  To make the boys go "Wow," "Cool" and "What if?"  And what do boys like to do?  When I asked all eleven classes who came along on Tuesday, the answer was unanimous!  "EXPLOSIONS!!"

So to start the session off with a bang, and with willing volunteers, we made Fizzing Rockets.  I saw this demonstrated at the National Primary Science Teachers Conference in Auckland in the last holidays.  Science in a Van looks like lots of fun and yahoo!  they are coming to Wellington next week and I managed to book their last day so that they can come and visit us.
After my science show I had lots of boys asking me about where to get things and how to do the experiments so over the next couple of blog posts I will try and share all of the experiments.  For Fizzing rockets you need an old film cannister (Alan from Science in a Van said the white ones work the best!) and you can buy Alka Seltzar at your local chemist.  One quarter of one tablet saw the film cannister rocket reach (and touch!) the ceiling of our science room and I'm certain those dents were already there before yesterday!

We all discussed and shared examples of solids, liquids and gases. Boys knew about the properties of solids and so a few boys, after agreeing my white substance was a solid, got to construct a snowman, little did they know that it would slowly 'melt' over the course of the session - and I thought they knew what a solid was!

 I then showed the classes an absorbent ball.  After soaking it in water overnight, the ball had grown to over five times its original size.  It was fascinating to see that when it sat in a beaker of water the ball became invisible!

It was really great to see the boys interested and curious about what was happening.

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