Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Senior Lego Robotics

The Senior Lego Robotics groups is well underway now and the group have all mastered the simple programming ideas.
They have been working on constructing their robots and then have been given challenges which they have to get their robot to do.  As they have become more familiar with using the Mindstorms programming, the group have gone from getting their robot to move in a straight line to a range of different tasks; performing a group Mexican Wave, being able to move in a square, travel up to a man and stop without running him over, follow a line, move around furniture without hitting anything and now they are working on getting it to travel down the road, stop at the crossing to let a man walk across and then follow the road around and reverse back into their car park.

The group are enjoying mastering the programming and getting their robots to do exactly what they want them to do.  We regularly get boys popping in during the lunchtime to watch and learn about the robots.
Now we are in the process of organising whole classes to come and have a few sessions with the robots so that everyone can benefit from learning simple programming and problem solving.

Mrs Stevens has also started another lunchtime group with the Year 5 and 6's and they are also beginning to really enjoy what the Mindstorms can offer.