Sunday, 5 May 2013

Year 7 Boat Building

As part of their sailing sessions, Year 7N and 7M complete a boat building unit within their own classroom.  They then booked in for a whole day session to construct their own designs that they had worked on in class.  Each boy had to bring along their own materials and their own plan.

We had two, very busy and very productive days with the Year 7's.  Over the day, boys got to use lots of equipment including the scroll saws, drill press, electric drills, saws and hammers.  The problem solving and critical thinking was obvious as boys came across problems with their designs and how to actually construct their own design.

There was a wide range of design ideas.  Boys had spent much time thinking about what makes something float, balance, weight, materials, sail shapes and construction techniques.

This was a highly enjoyable day where all boys were very busy for the whole day.  Lots of boys were keen to work through their morning tea and lunch break, such was the enthusiasm!

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