Monday, 12 March 2012

Launch Day!

Nothing was going to damped the excited spirits of Year Three as they prepared to launch their rockets on a slightly wet and blustery Days Bay day.

After experimenting at home, I decided to launch the rockets in Williams Park.  With the help of Mrs Familton pouring some water into each bottle, I placed the bottle onto the launcher and held it ready.  Each rocket builder had to use the bicycle pump to get as much air pressure into the bottle.  This was quite a challenge for some of the smaller members of the class.  However, each rocket was fired into the air, much to the joy of the class.

Beforehand, in class we had talked about air pressure, looked at balloons and discussed what would make our rocket fly up into the air.

Below are some pictures of Year Three and myself launching their rockets.

Once again the Science Toymaker website has all the detailed instructions for how to make your own rocket launcher.