Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Science on Wheels

My science lessons have been dubbed 'Science on Wheels.'  Earthquake strengthening in 7/8T and the old library has seen the science room converted into a classroom and so the science lessons are on the move.  With careful planning and packing, I transport equipment around the school and take lessons in all sorts of spots.

Year Two have started their science and technology sessions with some hands on sessions.  They have designed their own coat peg label.  Each boy was given a square of wood and we talked about different ways of making faces.  There were all sort of bits and pieces put out - ranging from bottle tops, screws, dowel, buttons, pipe cleaners, washers, ice block sticks etc.  Then, armed with nails, hammers, glue sticks and glue guns, the boys constructed their faces in any way that suited them. They turned out great!

The boys have also bought along to school a large plastic bottle.  Today we've started to learn about air pressure and we are making out bottles into rockets so that we can use air pressure to blast them up into the sky!