Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Year Five Astronomy

Year Five have just started learning about astronomy.  Next week, both classes are off to the Carter Observatory for a visit.
We have started our first sessions looking at the planets and trying to get some appreciation for how far away they are.  The boys have enjoyed looking at the distances between planets and writing their own mnemonics for learning the order of the planets.  We used our new Solar System Mapping tool and went outside to have a look at the order of the planets and the distances from the sun.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

NIWA Wellington Science and Technology Fair

On Thursday 28th August 25 boys from Year 7 and 8 went into Victoria University to have their entries judged in the regional science fair.
Throughout the morning various judges wandered around and discussed different aspects of the boys investigations.
It was a valuable experience for all of the boys and they represented Wellesley and themselves well.

A huge thank you to Mr Harris for stepping in and helping out on the morning and taking the above photos for me.  Thank you also to Mr McKenna who also stayed on at the University and all of the other parents who helped make my hectic morning so much easier!

The following day the results were announced on the Science Fair website.
Congratulations to the following boys;
Alex McKenna      
The Flexural Strength f Concrete
OPUS International Consultants Prize
Highly Commended

Rahul Vijayasenan
Can Certain Foods Truly Prevent Tooth Decay?
Wellington Medical Research Foundation

Kyle Foo
Two Eyes; One Image; 3D Vision
NZ Association of Optometrists - Wellington Branch

Bede Brown
What Effect Does a Marine Reserve have on the Paua Population?
NIWA Prize