Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Technology with the Juniors

Year Three have just completed three jam packed, fun sessions of technology.  In the first session they each designed and  made their own clay shape which now hangs above their coat and bag hooks in the cloak room.  All of the boys are proud of their designs and hopefully these will hang for the rest of the year.

Then we had a great discussion all around air pressure, what makes a balloon zoom and zig-zag through the air as it goes down?  The boys got to watch a simple model of a balloon powered car and then shared their ideas about what made it move along.  We discussed its design features and what we could do to improve it.  The class were really keen to get stuck into making their own.

After learning how to sketch a side view, a front view and a top view, the boys began construction.  Using simple materials such as corrogated plastic and cardboard, cellotape, straws and skewers, the boys spent two sessions building their cars.  Many of them took up the opportunity to try using the skill saw and it was really great to see them learning to use a new piece of equipment in the science/technology room.

There were varying degrees of success but a number of boys managed to make a fantastic car which travelled across the classroom floor. A few boys even took home equipment so that they could finish it at home.

Now the Year One class have just started their sessions.  They are working incredibly hard and so far things are going great!  They still have two sessions to go.

If you're keen to try making one at home, check out Steve Spangler, an American Science teacher who has a fantastic website full of fun science stuff!