Monday, 27 February 2012

Term One 2012

With the summer term here, it's the perfect time for launching rockets and exploring our wonderful environment right on our own doorstep.

The Junior Syndicate have got two technology units underway. At the beginning of each year, they make their own peg label to hang above their coat and bag hooks in the cloak room.  Each shape is made from air dry clay so the boys all have to be well planned before they can start making their shape.  They soon learnt the importance of planning and keeping their sketches simple, as the clay began to dry before they had time to change their minds about what they wanted to do.

They have also been working on designing and constructing their own rockets, using recycled materials from home and school.  Next week we hope to launch Year Three's rockets, all we need is for a wind free day.  In class, the students have been learning about air pressure, we've been exploring balloons, plastic bottles with warm air trapped inside and a number of boys have shared their own experiences of changing air pressure!

Year Three busy constructing rockets

Once again the Science Toy Maker website has detailed instructions and information about building an air rocket.  This is a wonderful site, full of lots of excellent things to make with lots of details, explanations and information.  It also has a link to many other project sites which a vast array of hands on science and technology activities that are suitable for all ages, many of which just use things found around the home.