Sunday, 26 July 2015

What's the Time Junior Syndicate?

This term, the whole school is about to embark on an inquiry based around time.
Tying in school wide themes, this term the juniors have to complete a technology unit.  What better time than now, to make their own clocks?  And of course, I'm sure we'll make a bit more time for some science in there too.

Starting with Year Three, the boys each had to decide on a shape that they would like their clock to be.  We had to discuss lots of things to think about during the design process eg would it be easy enough to cut out?  Will we be able to fit the numbers onto the clock face?  What shape would be interesting for each boy?  Once they had an idea in mind, they began to draft their shape.  Making sure it was the right size was tricky for some and after a number of drafts, all of the boys were ready to transfer their plan on to wood.  Then it was the fun part of using the scroll saw to cut out their shape.

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