Sunday, 26 July 2015

Saturated Solutions and Separating Mixtures

First week back and the science room has been busy with boys using different science techniques.

After firmly deciding that dissolving does not involve disappearing, boys got to make a saturated solution.  They experimented using cold and hot water and looked at the rates of change.  We've saved some of the saturated solutions to see what happens to them over the next week.

They also got to work in groups to decide what would be the best method to separate mixtures of
*  Sand and sawdust
*  Iron filings and sand
*  Soil and water

Once they had decided, in their group they experimented with their agreed method and then carefully observed what happened and made conclusions on the best methods to separate these mixtures.

It's been great to see all of the boys enjoying science and applying their problem solving and reasoning skills in science.

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