Friday, 6 July 2012

Year Two's Physical World

Throughout term two, the junior school has been exploring some physical world units.  Year Two completed an investigation into light and colour.  Boys bought along to school their own torches and we had lots of fun making the classroom dark so that we could explore light.  We talked about where light comes from, how it travels and then we did lots of activities with our torches.
 The year 2 class explored a range of materials to see if they were opaque, transparent or translucent.  They were then able to sort their objects into appropriate groups.

By far the most fun was making shadows and exploring how to make them bigger and smaller.  We even went outside and the boys paired up and drew around their own shadows.

Year Two had lots of fun exploring with magnifying glasses, we looked at the shape of different lenses and what happens when we put them close to our eyes, further away.  We talked about how useful magnifiers are and what people might use them for.

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