Friday, 6 July 2012

Year Six Kitchen Chemistry

Year Six went on an exciting trip to a couple of different science venues in our local community.  It was great to see the boys really excited about what they saw.  They loved telling me about the wind tunnel and looking through high powered microscopes.
Following on from their visit, we completed some very hands on activities exploring science in our own kitchen.  Using our own home-made indicator from red cabbage, boys found out about acids and bases.  They also got to explore different ways to separate mixtures by filtering, evaporation and using magnets.

It was a great opportunity for both classes to complete some experiments using equipment.  I think many of the boys really thought they were doing 'real' science when they got to use the spirit burners and test tubes!
Of course, we had to end the unit with some taste testing in our kitchen chemistry unit.  Making Sherbet Fizz proved to be a hit, although I think the boys, going by their expressions, found tasting the tartaric acid rather sour!

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