Friday, 13 November 2015

Year 7 Box Cars

Every two years we have our school gala.
The Year 7 teachers are always keen to get involved and their students enjoy making something to sell.
This year we all collected lots of boxes and in class, the boys began designing and planning a cardboard box car for little kids to stand in and run around in.  Once their designs were complete, classes booked in a couple of days in the science and technology room to build them.

Armed with loads of tape, hot glue guns and cardboard the boys got stuck in and had a blast making their cars.  Once the cars began to take shape, many of them began to talk about wanting to buy their own at the gala.  They did a great job and produced lots of fun and appealing cars for the gala.  And yes, many of the students did buy their car on the day!

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