Thursday, 13 August 2015

Yesterday, we were really lucky to have Dr Andrew Tait, Climate Scientist with NIWA, come out and speak to almost our entire school.
Once again, as part of our Time Inquiry, I thought it would be great to have a scientist talk about the importance of time and measuring changes over time.  So Dr Tait came and shared his expertise and passion by giving us a talk titled 'What is Climate Change?'

He was fantastic and the boys certainly had plenty of questions for him.  Many of the classes left the hall and went back to class to carry on discussions about the topics and questions he raised.
He soon had the boys actively engaged in what he had to say and they were up on their feet representing our atmosphere.  He divided the group up into the various gases and amounts of each.  Nitrogen was 2/3's of our school, oxygen almost the other 1/3 and then the finger nail of one little Year One student represented the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere!  This was a pretty powerful image and one that surprised many of us.

This was such a great opportunity for our students.  It was awesome to see almost our whole school sitting in the hall listening to, talking about and asking questions about science.  

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