Sunday, 7 June 2015

It's getting Hot Year Three!

Year Three have been learning all about heat and they've certainly got to work like scientists.

After learning all about how to use a thermometer and sharing their ideas about heat, we got stuck into an investigation which looked into different temperature water and what happened when we added some dye.  It was great to see the boys willing to make some predictions and then we were ready to go.
Each group had three different beakers with cold water, room temperature water and hot water.  Then a small amount of dye was added to each beaker.  The boys carefully observed what happened and then sketched what they saw.

After the experiment boys were able to talk about how they could see the dye moving around a lot in the hot water, some even saw the dye rise to the top and then begin to sink back down to the bottom of the beaker.  There was lots of great observations made, careful recording and some great explanations followed.  Great work Year Three!

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