Monday, 30 March 2015


Being right on the edge of the sea, we couldn't let Seaweek pass without appreciating our amazing environment.
Seaweek is a nation wide event where community groups and schools participate in a range of activities.  Around Wellington, there were a number of events that the public were invited to attend.

At Wellesley, the Year 4 classes and 5P ventured down to the rock pools on Wednesday during low tide.  Many of the boys had never spent time in our rock pools and boy were they in for a surprise!  They were amazed at the large number and huge variety of species that they found.  Boys were able to catch all sorts of small fish and small crayfish.  Of course we also saw the usual sea anemones, limpets, chitons, starfish, crabs and snails.

I finished Seaweek in Year 5P for the day so we decided to go down and clean up the beach.  We always make the most of Days Bay and always get some much enjoyment from being down there so this time it was nice to do something back.
The boys were very enthusiastic and armed with rubber gloves and plastic bags, we scoured the beach and collected a surprising amount of rubbish.  Thank you 5P.

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