Thursday, 15 May 2014

Fair Testing in the Middle School

The middle school have started to look at how to conduct a science investigation and what makes a fair test.
This is part of  the lead up to our Science Fair at the end of this term.

Years five and six have completed a fair testing looking into what is the best liquid to help prevent an apple from going brown.  They tested a variety of solutions, and in the end the results generally showed that lemon juice worked the best as the apple stayed white, without going brown at all.  I think part of the fun of the investigation was being allowed to eat their results at the end!

Year four have been investigating substances which make ice melt the fastest.  They conducted a fair test, sprinkling different substances onto ice and recording how fast the ice cubes melt.  It was really great to see them working just like scientists, making clear observations, working systematically and forming conclusions based on what their results showed them.  Well done year four!

Year fours second investigation looked into what material makes a good insulator.  We learnt lots of new vocabulary and each student got to use their own thermometer, a new skill for many of the boys.

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