Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Bird Feeders

Towards the end of Year Eight, each year the boys are challenged to design and construct a catapult!   Often it is the first time that students have used a power drill or used a saw or hammer (some remember the hammers at kindy!).  The teachers decided that it would be great to have a simple project that incorporated all of the woodwork skills so that students could learn how to use these tools accurately and safely.

A couple of weeks before the end of term two, the two Year Eight classes began to construct their own bird feeder.  The first session was spent carefully measuring and ruling up their wood.  They knew that it was critical that this first stage was exact.

Boys were given two pieces of wood and then once they had completed their measuring they began their cutting.  The next sessions were spent using the power drills, hammers and screwdrivers constructing their bird feeders.  Suddenly the importance of being accurate became very obvious to the boys.

It was really great to see boys enjoying the challenge and taking the time to get things right.  There was plenty of problem solving and helping each other out.  It was obvious they enjoyed the task, it suited their abilities and at the end of it they had something to take home and feel proud about.

Boys from 8P and 8B with their finished bird feeders.

8P boys showing their bird feeders.

Mr B gave his class a challenge; who could send in a photo of a bird using their new feeder.  Needless to say, the next morning two photos had arrived ...

"He never said it had to be a real bird."
Nice pics Atom and Albie!

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